What is Naked Startups? – with Doug Dennison

Doug (myself) is a serial entrepreneur. Creating and often failing at new ideas, creating stuff just for the sake of creating stuff. Over the past year or so having been inspired by Noah Kagan at AppSumo, Andrew Warner at Mixergy and a host of other people who are JUST DOING IT, it dawned on me that to DO IT doesn’t need a tonne of resources (investment, people, office space etc) – this is just a bunch of crap we put up in front of our goals to stop us actually achieving them!

So i decided to take life back and do things for one of 2 reasons – it’s something i really care about (Naked Startups or writing and producing music), or it’s a unique idea that can be turned into a profitable business (Scheduly) – which in turns funds the other stuff.

So, to give a brief overview of what Naked Startups is, what we do, and why…. Over to me!

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Doug x